Hi, I'm Mali!

I'm originally from Istanbul, Turkey. I really enjoy designing systems and thinking about tradeoffs. I also enjoy connecting ideas across seemingly disparate fields.

Data Systems Work

  • Visual tools for debugging data structure performance work-in-progress
  • Optimizing memory allocation for LSM trees report
  • Design Continuums and the Path Toward Self-Designing Key-Value Stores (CIDR 2019)


  • Using abstraction towards friendlier APIs video slides
  • Hell is other people's data video slides
  • How do modern websites work? video
  • Simpleflake: Distributed ID generation for the lazy video slides
  • Flask-Chassis: A simple boilerplate for Flask APIs (Live!) video

Odds & Ends

  • Analyzing transit card swipe data to create a better revenue model for the MBTA report news
  • Prometheus - an unmanned ground vehicle paper
  • Mis-employing radar charts to distinguish high-dimensional data article
  • Recreating modern art with processing.js demo (click and scroll!)
  • A reusable components library for Django link
  • An extension to sqlalchemy to do pivoting / crosstab in PostgreSQL link
  • A hack to add streaming STATA .dta format read support to dask. link
  • Screencast of myself refactoring some particularly hairy legacy code, just because I was curious link
  • Running list of favourite articles on HN link